YES began as an online only store in 2005 when owner, Chantale De Breceda was living in a Volkswagen van that had been converted to run on vegetable oil, and traveling throughout North America, while selling vintage goods online. After settling in Joshua Tree, California and opening Mt. Fuji general store in 2009, De Breceda made the moved to Los Angeles and opened YES in 2012. The YES storefront closed in 2016 and is once again an online only store, featuring a line of Mexican imports designed by De Breceda and her own line of handmade ceramics. 


LUZ was born from wanderlust and a passion for exploring and seeking out high quality craftsmanship. LUZ Collection is a constantly evolving cache of handmade treasures from Mexico, each carefully chosen for their beauty and craftsmanship. Our collection includes some accessories and textiles designed by Chantale De Breceda and others that are imported as found. De Breceda has been working directly with craftspeople in the states of Jalisco, Chiapas and Oaxaca since 2013, to put together a collection of products that represents some of the finest quality crafts to be found there.